Why Competency Manager™?

Competency Manager™ goes way beyond the basic competency management offered by traditional competency-based software tools.

White Paper: The Case for Digitising Competency Management

This valuable white paper gives you and the key decision makers in your business a good understanding of what a competency management system is, what a digital CMS can deliver and of the wider benefits a smart CMS can bring to your business.

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Competency Manager™ - Simple. Smart. Proactive.

Competency Manager™ removes the administrative burden of assessing and managing staff competencies.

It enables organisations to easily manage and optimise the performance of their people.

No more searching through paper-based records or complex spreadsheets. Simply everything you need – accessible at the touch of a button, wherever you are.

Competency Manager™ goes way beyond the basic CMS offered by traditional competency-based software tools.

It takes competency management to a new level – delivering advantages right across your business including improving staff retention, helping to secure new contracts, reducing business risk and much more.


Simple Competency Management

  • Reduce Administrative Burden – significantly cut office-based administration and the cost of compliance
  • Data Accessibility – eliminate the issues with storing and accessing competency data on paper-based records or spreadsheets
  • Enhance Safety – reduce risks, near misses and incidents through better competency management
  • Increase Time with Team – release resources to significantly increase ‘time with team’, to drive improvements and target risks
  • Clear Regulatory Compliance – demonstrate compliance with a digital evidence trail of competencies and competency management
  • Enhanced Visibility – of your organisation’s competence data and current competency position with your competency dashboard

Smart Competency Management

  • Dashboard View – ensure that ALL employees are appropriately assessed for competencies
  • Target Risks – identify and target high risk areas with individuals and across the business
  • Reduce Incidents – helps to reduce operational incidents by focusing on employee competencies
  • Better Incident Management – visibility and smart tools for better incident management
  • More Capable Workforce – managers get to spend more time with employees to develop their capabilities
  • Efficient Workforce – the more competent an employee, the better their performance
  • Flexible Workforce – with more employees with more competencies, more staff can do more

Proactive Competency Management

  • Engage and Develop Staff – promotes and encourages regular contact time between employees and line managers
  • Unlock Hidden Value – unlock the hidden value of competency data stored in paper-based records and complex spreadsheets
  • Targeted Development – deliver targeted training and support to lower business risk and incident rates.
  • Training Opportunities – helps identify training requirements and opportunities for higher productivity
  • Retain Staff – with more time for employee engagement and to develop competencies, employees are more likely to stay with you
  • Manage Business Risk – enables the proactive management of business risk and compliance
  • Commercial Success – Tier 1 contractors and organisations increasingly require that you are able to demonstrate proactive competency management

Why Competency Manager™?

Competency Manager™ significantly reduces the administrative burden of compliance, freeing up time and resources to focus on increasing the safety, capability and flexibility of your workforce.

This in turn delivers wider benefits such as enhanced commercial performance, improved staff retention, reduced business risk and enhanced regulatory compliance.

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