We’re proud to have worked with a broad range of clients who have helped drive the development of Competency Manager™. Here is what they have to say…

White Paper: The Case for Digitising Competency Management

This valuable white paper gives you and the key decision makers in your business a good understanding of what a competency management system is, what a digital CMS can deliver and of the wider benefits a smart CMS can bring to your business.

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See what some of our customers think about EDS - CMS from 3Squared, our rail industry version of Competency Manager™

Bombardier Transportation

“We wanted a solution that had a really good dashboard. So that it was interactive with our staff.”

“It makes assessing so much easier. You can capture all of the evidence as you go along, then at the end it’s all there ready to go.”

“Our external auditors are delighted.”

“Everybody now has visibility and ownership over the competency management system process.”

Helen Watson | Head of Training

East Midlands Trains

“It’s a much better way, we get a lot more information in the system, we used to use an Excel document.”

“It’s been a very good tool in improving the way that we manage incidents.”

“It allows us to use an iPad for assessments which is a lot quicker than using paper like we used to before. It’s a much better way of doing assessments and it speeds things up as well.”

Darren Ward | Head of Drivers

East Midlands Trains

“The programme has helped develop a positive culture of safety and embeds individual accountability.

The visibility the system provides to drivers, assessors and verifiers within the business provides numerous opportunities to evolve and improve our approach to competence management.

The verification tool itself has enabled us to access remotely completed assessments without the need to visit depots.

This medium has provided us with the perfect opportunity to provide targeted feedback to assessors in order to improve consistency across the board.”

Darren Ward | Head of Drivers


“The previous paper based system generated a Safety Critical Portfolio that was on average 145 pages for each person. This important information sat on a shelf and was continually added to but rarely used to help inform and plan future assessments due to its inaccessibility.

The level of visibility and assurance the EDS system provides is excellent, as it removes the opportunity for administration errors through its intelligent design and gives real time reporting of both compliance against standards, and the quality of the assessments. The reporting outputs are key, as just knowing the detail about how assessors are grading their teams is a powerful tool to drive improvement and consistency within the business.”

Justin Willet | SWT Head of Operational Standards

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